Friday, November 12, 2010

Love Message

  • I still believe that love is all you need.

  • True luv is eternal... Cherish the love when u've got the chance, for once it leaves you, it would be difficult to get it back.. Don't let love be only a memory in you.

  • So many ways to say 'I Love You', but not enough words in the world to say how much I Love you.

  • To share what is difficult; to heal what is hurting; to think what is not possible; to understand without even talking is the miracle called Love.

  • Difficult to tell what loving is like; Impossible to tell what missing is like; May you never miss whom you luv & may whom you love miss you always.

    Nelson Souzza said...

    The blog is very good!

    harpreet said...

    good job done keep it up. thanx for the great post.

    Tirtha said...

    thanks for your great comment

    Tirtha said...

    @Nelson many many thanks for your commest and thank you

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